In 2016 the MMO Guru Brendan Mace came out with a product called ZERO HOUR WORK DAYS. According to Warrior Forum statistics it is the most sold WSO in their history with one of the lowest return rates (less that 1%!).

The name of the product suggests that theres a way for you to make money without working at all! but who really believes that? (QUICK ANSWER)… NO ONE BUT…
Thousands of people bought it and are still buying it today. I was one of them.

(You can get it for free HERE)

It really is a great product that works BUT you have to work as well. Not 8 hours a day but more than ZERO hours for sure. So, my point in all this is that...

You’re not going to find any MMO product that doesn’t require work.

The "gurus" who sell the freedom lifestyle where they work only a few hours a week and travel to exotic places the rest of the time ACTUALLY work their asses off. Yes, some of them DO travel a lot but they work wherever they go and they work hard when their home.

Products that claim outrageous results CAN BE really good, they’re just not what the hype claims them to be.

There are a gazillion ways to make MMO and tons of new ones coming out EVERY DAY so you should buy your next product using your commonsense and forgetting about the hype. The hype is wrong 99.99% of the time.

And that brings me to a…

(that NO product seller wants you to do).

Never buy the OTO’s until you’re comfortable with the main product.

Most of the new products sold today start with a cheap (less than $20.00 price tag). You could buy five of them a week for somewhere between $50-100 bucks. I do. I believe in keeping up and investing in my business as well a being a BIG believer in having multiple steams of income.

What I never do is buy an OTO until I’ve reviewed the main product I bought to see if it delivers. So many new products today are sold without actually disclosing how they work in the sales letter. The sales letter is intentionally vague so it will appeal to more buyers. So I buy it first and if I think it a good system. If I think I can make some money following the system, then I usually will go all in on the OTO’s (because they usually will save me a lot of time testing when I get the DFY stuff (I’m a big DFY proponent for that reason - time).

I will only buy an OTO after I’ve reviewed the main product I bought.

In other words, I don’t believe the sales page. I don’t care about the hype and I certainly don’t care about the "proof". Proof is bullshit in so many ways that I won’t go into them right now.

Usually the OTO’s are listed once again in the main program website even though the seller says they won’t be available unless you buy them at the same time you shell out your money for the original offer. But, if you want to be safe, just keep the first OTO that you’re directed to after your main product purchase, review the main product you bought, and if you like what you see, go ahead and buy the OTO’s.

This technique has saved me a lot of money.

Hey, thanks for listening or reading my post. If you’d like to be informed when a new one comes out you can sign up on this page. I’m not a "guru", I’m not rich from MMO, but I’ve been told by many of my subscribers that they get a lot out of the tips, tricks, hacks and commonsense MMO facts I write about.

Remember, life is too short to not do what you want.

Mike Moffitt, The Introverted Affiliate