Well It Turns Out You Can!

Here's how:

Step 1: IDENTIFY your perfect patient.

Find a service that can sort through all the consumers living in your zip or area code by sex, age and income and provide you a list. (we will do this for free).

Step 2: CONTACT the people on your list with a warm message offering a discounted offer if they visit your practice. (we will do this as well).

Step 3: ANSWER the phone in your office with someone who is good at converting warm calls into patients.

That’s it. This works better, faster and cheaper getting new patients than any other type of marketing currently available.

You can literally turn the new patient faucet on and off at will.

If this sounds interesting to you, I’d like to talk to you further about how it works and see if your practice qualifies. If you do we’ll give you a free trial to "test drive" our platform so you can judge for yourself before you pay for the service.

Call my office or request a callback below.

Best Regards,


Michael Moffitt
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